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During the day, i got a bit busy trying to prepare for a journey and didn’t have the chance to sit and do some work.

An hour to the boarding time, your guy was still at the market looking for a gift item for my sweetheart😜 You know how it is with ladies and ‘saraba’ (the Hausa word for what you bring as gift from a journey)

Long and short of it was that I almost missed the flight! The thing for pain me o!

While onboard, a few thoughts came to my head and very quickly I brought out a plain sheet of paper and started scribbling down ideas.

Indeed, some great ideas come from the sky!

One was a brand identity design for ‘PIONEER ENGINEERING’ while the other was for “MILA ASH EAGLE INVESTMENT”…a sponsorship deal broker for athletes and sports consultancy/mgt outfit.

ideas creation for pioneer engineering by printhag tanimu

The thoughts of missing out on these ideas would have been more painful that missing the flight itself because I know how much these ideas are worth.

So next time you’re up there cruising in the sky, leverage on that experience and brainstorm. You’ll see that, some great ideas come from the sky.

Design updates from these ideas coming soon…

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My name is Tanimu Hassan, an ardent Design entrepreneur and brand strategist with a dynamic attribute that clearly define and distinguish my artistic expression through different media.

I help to build brands and businesses by creating design-driven innovations and find great fulfilment in doing so.

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