tanimu hassan and mathias amodu


tanimu hassan and mathias amodu

It’s mind-blowing how the Social Media is fast becoming the tool of the century with both young and old, skilled and unskilled desiring to leave a foot print on it.

But the big question is;

How can your voice be heard when everyone is talking …and talking really loud?” Let alone making a positive and productive significance on the cyberspace.

Well, like every other skill, it needs to be mastered! A deliberate and intentional strategy must be adopted if you want to achieve desired results.

Irrespective of your profession and nature of business or organization, the merits of a good online presence are numerous and neglecting it is like frying bees for snacks and discarding its honey. We are mindful that the social media has been abused in different ways, but also, do you discard the honey comb because the bees are hostile?

I guess not.

The positive sides of social media can be harnessed for profitable use and service.

Two young and exceptionally creative Christian youths have mastered this art and by virtue of experience and expertise, share how profitable social media can be for start-ups, entrepreneurs, businesses, organizations and personal brands in Nigeria.

Let’s meet them!

tanimu printhag

TANIMU is an ardent designer who creates design-driven innovations to help entrepreneurs, organisations and businesses in Africa build the visual elements of their brand. He is the CEO of Printhag Ltd. (www.printhag.com) and with remarkable intellectual and creative prowess including several first-rate designs (including this magazine) to his credit; Tanimu is sure good at what he does.

MATHIAS is a passionate blogger with full interest in making the world a better place by helping to solve and share technology related issues. He is the founder of Zealmat Blog (www.zealmat.com) and leads an online community with good contents.

They both share 5 strategies you can also follow as an entrepreneur to profitably master social media and render useful the virtual space.


To be focused simply means to give special attention to one particular person or thing, or to make people do things which will benefit them. Over the years I have made more research on how social media platforms could help you succeed in your day to day activities. Always remember that online distractions are the worst for business owners and marketers for whom social media marketing is an everyday necessity because they have instant access to scores of distractions right while they work. The distractions range from videos to social media updates to email to audio and so many more.

Depending on your personal or business objectives, find a few social media platforms and master them. Don’t choose your favourite one and don’t pick a platform simply because it’s popular or new to the app store. While it is important to keep up with the market’s current technology and trends, unless your marketing department has the time and the resources to devote day in and day out to each platform, avoid overextending your social media strategy.


These days, you can’t go five minutes without hearing someone talk about platforms. The term is almost a buzzword. As I explain in The Age of the Platform: How Amazon, Apple, Facebook, and Google Have Redefined Business, a platform is merely a structure made up of “planks,” or integrated features. For instance, Google in 1998 wasn’t a platform; it was a really neat search engine. By adding planks such as Gmail, Maps, Docs, Voice, YouTube, and countless others, it became a true platform.

Platform companies move faster than their traditional counterparts. When your core products and services frequently change, it forces your employees and your organization to embrace change quickly. Bad habits are less likely to get ossified.

Tip: Try to find potential partners with complementary interests—and don’t be greedy. Grow the pie together.


Social media networking has transformed the Internet, with Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+ helping to determine the relevance of web pages, websites, and blog posts. In a sense, social media networking has brought democracy to the Internet.

With good content you can add value to people’s life and not only a good copied content but a unique content that looks different and special from others. You shouldn’t go for niche which you know nothing about try to go for a niche which you believe that even in an act or instance of being awakened you can compose an article.

Over the years blogging has been a great ways to share good content online helping people find their dream jobs and many more. In blogging we have different niche like business, technology, travel, health, fashion, news and many more.  In the blogosphere, it takes a short period to make it (money)  when your contents are unique and real with strong words.


This simply means an association of two or more people as partners. Going beyond the customer Many marketers have a relentless focus on a single dimension of social interaction: the brand-consumer relationship. Thinking that the “social” in social media marketing is all about your relationship with consumers is constraining.

Rethinking the role of other relationships can dramatically improve the effectiveness of those very marketing efforts designed to engage your target customers. While social channels facilitate new ways of tapping into “partners” and as the line between personal and professional relationships has blurred, it is important to view business relations in a new—and yes, more social—light.


Many experts say that social media is for connecting with people, and not for selling, but at some point, you’re going to want to leverage the connections you create. If you’ve built up enough trust with your followers, they’ll be more inclined to check out your recommendations and perhaps buy your products or services.



If you have an entrepreneurial mindset and are willing to work hard, test and experiment, your chances at success will be far greater than others.



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My name is Tanimu Hassan, an ardent Design entrepreneur and brand strategist with a dynamic attribute that clearly define and distinguish my artistic expression through different media.

I help to build brands and businesses by creating design-driven innovations and find great fulfilment in doing so.

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