Logo Design

We curate simple, classic and professional logos that stand-out from the crowd and effectively represent your brand. We’ve got a perfect piece to fit your budget.

Corporate Branding

We help businesses strategies, develop, build and advertise their brand to targeted audience. This we do to make sure you make the right impression in the first instance!

Training Services

We are passionate about training other designers and individuals interested in acquiring the right knowledge and skills in Advanced Graphics Design, Print Design, Brand Strategy and Digital Advertisement.

Graphics Design

We have a dynamic attribute that clearly define and distinguish our artistic expression through different media. Our graphics design are unique and creative

Quality Printing

With the introduction of digital technologies, the outcome of our prints are classic, excellent and of good quality.

Event Invitation & Souvenirs

Creative and simple branded gift items you can share with friends and loved ones. We brand shirts, bags, mugs and lots more