Shortly after the pronouncement of Nigerian youths as ‘lazy’ earlier this year by our Oga at the top, several tables shook and dusts were raised. In fact, that singular statement really touched the heart of many youths.

I guess it touched yours too?

Suddenly, everyone began to ask for accolades! Some sort of recognition and applause as compensation for their hard work in various fields.

I remember my little nephew looked at me one morning as we walked down the street to buy bread for breakfast. He silently whispered to me; “Uncle I also want some accolades”. He thought it was a snack or the name of the latest biscuits in town so he wanted one too.

Smiling back at him, i told him what accolades really meant and why people were demanding for it. Just hope he understood though.

During that period, Halima was referred to me by a friend whom I had also crafted his brand. While people were busy ranting for accolades, clients were being referred to me.


Since the delivery of the brand identity design for House_of_Hally, Several calls have come in from different persons who came across it online and loved it.

Of course the referrals kept coming and Phiya_Rina was one of them. 100% completed and delivered👌

Logo design for Phiya Rina by printhag 3Dmockup Phiya Rina logo printhag

If asked to choose between accolades and referrals from clients, which would you prefer? Of course, you know my answer already.

I love referrals and put in the best of skills and expertise in all my designs. You never know who might come across it.


As for accolades, those who truly deserve them needed not to ask.

Kindly contact me if you, your friends or family would appreciate any of my design services.

Tel: +234 (0) 703 012 7978   |    Email: tanimuhas@gmail.com

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  1. Olajide, oluwatoyosi
    July 19, 2018 at 8:49 am

    Nice work there.
    Will surely give you a call

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