Logo Design Before And After

logo design before and after

Do you also wonder what really happens to the Designer during Logo Design Before and After?

Well, this is my story!

Right now, am in an old bus heading south west of the country with folks all around me speaking in different tongues.

Suddenly, a woman’s phone rang! Having a ring tone similar to one I heard about a decade ago. The smile on her face was so hilarious, stretching wide and leaving an oval abstract art by the side of her chin.

That must be a dimple …or perhaps a wrinkle!

Finally she decided to click the green button and that was where the trouble began.

Now you wonder why?

The bus soon became quite and everyone’s gaze streamlined into one focal point. Her voice was so loud; I mean literally loud that it subdued every other passenger’s voice in the bus.

At that point, I barely even think straight.

Well! Maybe I would if the language was more familiar. Just maybe!

While she was in the process of her call, the lights of my own phone beeped. Somehow I managed to receive the call. It came from Aminat. She had noticed my unique designs and 3D presentations online and needed one for her fast growing school in Abuja; Supreme Kids Academy.

Aminat’s call was my consolation in the bus!

Before, I was wondering how I could cope in the bus, but shortly After, I was busy scribbling ideas. The last thing on my mind was the loud voice of the woman.

Today, with a cute looking dimple on my shiny dark face, I present to you the fruits of that journey. This time around, I placed the Logo Design Before and After i had redesigned it.

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