I could hear her heart beat twice faster as though her core essence was questioned.

For her, it was the genesis of an entrepreneurial journey. “A dream come true” in her words.

As i listened to her speak with excitement of her new business idea during a telephone conversation that lasted nearly 15 minutes, I allowed her describe all business deliverables in details. Hearing from the horse’s mouth holds more water!

Then I asked just one question!

“What is the quality of your product and what value will it add to your customers?”

I wanted to be sure that the business or product I was branding was of good quality and a valuable addition to the target audience.

“Is it your business?”

That was her response ab initio but that instilled in her the needed spur to dig deep and reconsider a quality assurance and value check for her product.

Today, her products brim with pride from their quality content and excellent designs that constitute the visuals of her brand.

Before you hire a designer to brand your business or product, first work on its content, quality and unique selling point.

Branding without first addressing those issues might work against you by helping people to identify and avoid you.

Obviously, no entrepreneur or business owner wants that! Well, neither do I.

And hey, should you need design or branding services for your business, I’m available.

Cheers to a great day ahead!

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My name is Tanimu Hassan, an ardent Design entrepreneur and brand strategist with a dynamic attribute that clearly define and distinguish my artistic expression through different media.

I help to build brands and businesses by creating design-driven innovations and find great fulfilment in doing so.

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