Something amazing happened to me during the National Youth Summit held in Abuja. That was the herald of a new level of excellence in my journey as a design entrepreneur and brand strategist.

Just before that experience, Zam Obed; an amiable team leader, creative and brilliant young man with many awards visited me in the office with a rare task. He had a business proposal to make and needed to deliver his package in a one minute video

Yes, in just one minute!

We brainstormed on how best to achieve this with a cutely sized budget and scheduled to begin the process on the morrow.

A deliberate effort was made on our part to learn and master the art of one minute introductions. One that snatches the attention of the audience and instils an instant void that needs to be filled. A quest for more even after the minute elapses!

Eventually, that task was done, filtered and dusted!

Few months later, I was part of the delegates at the Pan-African edition of the National Youth Summit which gathered in thousands; youths, entrepreneurs, leaders and top executives from all over Africa.

During one of the sections, the anchor created an activity that eventually landed me on stage. Standing before the audience at the 2,000 sitting capacity of the Abuja International Conference Centre filled to its brim.

Guess what I was tasked on doing?

‘Introduce yourself in one minute’

At first, the overwhelming gaze of the audience poisoned my courage and the omen was bad!

Very bad!

In seconds, I recounted the incredible experience with Zam back then in my office.

Suddenly, my confidence was restored and this time with a thought aligned to the good in that rare opportunity. In fact, a unique privilege to SELL myself in one minute.

I released my usual smile to calm the ambiance of the environment and began;

Hi, my name is Tanimu Hassan, the CEO and Creative Director of Printhag Ltd. I create design-driven innovations to help start-ups and entrepreneurs in Africa build the visual elements of their brand.

Blaa! Blaa!! Blaa!!!

As an entrepreneur, learning to introduce yourself or brand in few minutes might look like a mammoth task. I assure you, it’s definitely worth it.

It helps your audience whether in-person or on-line understand your message and what merit you bring into the equation. Hence, your value!

Mark Zukerberg understands this fact well and reserved a space on facebook called “BIO” in your profile so you can introduce yourself in one minute!

Amazing right?

Now it’s over to you.

Introduce yourself in one minute!

…and remember to wish Obed, my friend-turned-brother a happy birthday!

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My name is Tanimu Hassan, an ardent Design entrepreneur and brand strategist with a dynamic attribute that clearly define and distinguish my artistic expression through different media.

I help to build brands and businesses by creating design-driven innovations and find great fulfilment in doing so.

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