Q1. Before we begin, can you introduce yourself sir?

Tanimu is an ardent designer who creates design-driven innovations to help entrepreneurs and businesses build the visual elements of their brand.

I’ve got a heart for start-ups, entrepreneurs and business owners and that defines my area of expertise.

Q2. When did you start designing and how did you discover graphics?

Design for me started several years back. First, I wasn’t sure what it was about. Just a little kid who loves to draw!
Then in the university, it began taking shape. Studied Industrial Design and majored in Graphics. Finally became clear on graduation. I had Printhag Ltd registered with CAC and work began.

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My growth curve hasn’t being fast and straight I must say. But sure, its being steady and moving upwards.

Q. Any challenge with your early clients and how were you able to deal with families and friends always asking for free job

From small projects like the 1st edition of Sceptre Magazine which I designed in 2010 with lots of errors and all. Just a few months ago, the 7th edition is launched. Reaching many and raking in millions.

The point is:

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Regarding request for free jobs from relatives and friends, let me share this!

Not until early 2014, I hardly got paid for design services. Well, even if I did… Just a token!

I offered printing services and my profit came in from the remnants after delivery. I didn’t blame them entirely; Personally, I knew my design skills and strategies weren’t organized enough.

So I blamed myself.

And made a deliberate effort to “up my game”, define my audience and build profitable systems. Since then till date, clients now understand my offer to them and what merit design brings into the equation

People will never stop asking for free jobs! But I’ve managed that to a great extent. I’ll tell you how.

Most family and friends who ask for free jobs don’t know your worth. Don’t blame them. Blame yourself. If I had a wife and she was about to put to bed, I won’t ask doctors to help me out for free. Would I?

Its your responsibility as a designer to relate your worth to your family and friends. Talk about your expertise and how others pay you for it. Don’t just carry laptop about like a Nerd who should go get a job. Let them know this is your job and others are paying.

Hey! I didn’t say you should not offer free services at intervals. But even when you do, they know the worth and appreciate your service.

I’m a twin… Should have mentioned that at the beginning right? Pardon me.

She can “bake for Africa” and her clients really love her deliveries. Last year, I included her on project52, a system I had built to help exactly 52 entrepreneurs and business owners build their brands in through the 52 weeks in 2017.

The reviews, feedbacks and comments were like cold chills running down my spine. You can read about it here:

Creative writing and project reviews places you as an expert in your field especially in the mind of your prospects and clients. They know your design prowess isn’t some careless and random try-and-error, but you’re intellectually sound to handle their brand.

I did all designs free for my twin sister, but trust me; she knows the worth and keeps thanking me every now and then. And plenty Cake offerings too!

Q. How do you get your ideas and design resources?

I research, read, explore… and I learn every day. Also select your circle of influence carefully.

Q. Tell us about Corporate Branding and its Challenges

Working with corporate brands has being an amazing experience for me. Not just for the pay… But shé you know that helps?

Its an opportunity to be part of a “corporate success”. Somehow, their “glory” is reflected in you and it enriches your resume.

Let me share a little lessons and my experience with Ibusa FC, Ijayapi FC and other corporate bodies. You can read the project review here:

First, they leverage on reviews and referrals. Corporate brands won’t hire a designer with no proven record of excellence and excellent service delivery. Build your platform and organize yourself. Be deliberate and focused.

Secondly, your ability to respond professionally while curating their brands goes a long way. It helps them appreciate your area of expertise and gives them a safe haven, knowing you won’t disappear into thin air the moment a million bucks enters your account.

Define your skill and remain focused! Most times we are distracted and tend to be jacks of many trades.

Q. How to not get distracted?

Talking about distractions, It’s only when you’ve streamlined your skill and narrowed your area of expertise that you can tell if you’re being distracted or not. Several things could constitute a distraction. Set goals and define your path, makes it easier for clients to understand and relate with you.

Q. How to know what is best to specialize in?

Knowing comes with research and you. Yes, you!

Design got several fragments. All you need do is reminisce on your previous work and journey thus far. Which one adds more value? Which ones did you achieve excellently and with ease? What kind of clients do you wish to attract?

Answering these questions meticulously could give a leap on what best to specialize in.

It’s being nice sharing. You all are amazing!

Kindly share your thoughts about Corporate Branding.

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My name is Tanimu Hassan, an ardent Design entrepreneur and brand strategist with a dynamic attribute that clearly define and distinguish my artistic expression through different media.

I help to build brands and businesses by creating design-driven innovations and find great fulfilment in doing so.

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