Blessing Hopped In

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I was driving to the office in 2015, when someone waved by the road side requesting for a lift.

At first, I drove past and wasn’t sure if I should stop or not!

I pardoned by doughts and found solace in the fact that she was just a stranger and perhaps someone else could offer the kind gesture.

The God in me quickly prompts;  

“What if she was late for a lecture or meeting?” “What if this was your only opportunity to be a blessing to someone that day?”

And the what if’s continued…

My legs acted independently by reaching for the brakes and finally I obliged.

Blessing hopped in and i reluctantly initiated a conversation.

To my amazement, she was an undergraduate student in one of Nigeria’s most sought after university but yet offered food supplies to her colleagues and clients on demand. This menial idea gives her extra financial support in school.

Her divergent style of thinking and particularly the confidences she exudes while talking about her business deliverables was quite impressive.

I looked at her and smiled!

Being an ardent designer that creates design-driven innovations to help start-ups and entrepreneurs build the visual elements of their brand, i suddenly picked an interest in this lady’s enthusiasm, hard work and entrepreneurial mind set.

Eventually, she earned a free ride to her destination and we became friends afterwards.

Out of a heart to encourage her hard work, i placed an order for myself.

Yes! You guessed right.

She delivered them at affordable prices and with a promise of good discount on subsequent orders.

Today, Blessing launches her unique mobile food vendor with delivery in 3 simple steps. I am happy that I could offer my expertise and creative prowess to help a “Stranger turned Sister” achieve the least of her dreams.

Personally, I believe there’s a something of God in me, that gives me the ability to also create and find fulfilment in serving with this gift.

Now to Blessing,

Never despise your days of humble beginnings, for your latter end shall greatly increase’

Any word of encouragement to Blessing?

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