BENJAMIN, the young man I told you about

I was driving to the office some years ago, when someone waved by the road side requesting for a lift.

At first, I drove past and wasn’t sure if I should stop or not!
I pardoned by doubts and found solace in the fact that he was just a stranger and perhaps someone else could offer the kind gesture.

The God in me quickly prompts;

“What if he was late for a lecture or meeting?” “What if this was my only opportunity to be a blessing to someone that day?”

And the what if’s continued…

My legs acted independently by reaching for the brakes and finally I obliged.

Bamikole hopped in and I reluctantly initiated a conversation.

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To my amazement, he was an undergraduate student in one of Nigeria’s most sought after university but yet offered graphic design and photographic services to his colleagues and clients. This idea gives her extra financial support in school.

His divergent style of thinking and particularly the confidences he exudes while talking about his business deliverables was quite impressive.

I looked at him and smiled!

Being an ardent designer that creates design-driven innovations to help start-ups and entrepreneurs build the visual elements of their brand, I suddenly picked a kern interest in this young man’s enthusiasm, hard work and entrepreneurial mind set.

Eventually, he earned a free ride to his destination and we became friends afterwards.

Three years later, Benjamin graduated from school and I was the happest man that day! He came, he saw and he conquered excellently!

The amazing services rendered to staff and students of his university back then are highly commendable and I am happy that he has found a firm footing in the society to maximally unleash his potentials and reach for greatness.

Today, he’s a serving corper and CEO of Studioria expressions. A design and photography outfit. He is more than just a friend, he is now a brother!

Here’s a raise of glass to Benjamin as he celebrates his #birthday today.

Cheers to greatness brother!

Any birthday wishes for him?



  1. Aanu
    February 1, 2019 at 5:41 pm

    Yes! I met him once o twice sir, and later that day, I saw him at a show at my department, to business purpose.

    Happy birthday, Mr. Ben

  2. Nzekwe Godswill
    February 16, 2019 at 5:00 pm

    Happy Birthday Sir

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