Today, the Internet has influenced how we live and do business, it is shocking to know that very few organizations and business owners have a website.

People are on the internet daily to get information and if you’re in the business world, you’ll agree with me that information is critical.

It is hard to believe that only 46% of small businesses have a website. This statistic is confounding when you realize people spend 6 hours a day on the Internet. Your website is a powerful marketing tool.

Here are 7 benefits of having a website for your business

  1. Improve Business Credibility.

A simple way to view a website is that it is your online business address. This is where your customers, clients and associates go to find you on the Internet.

It legitimizes your business and improves your credibility. It gives your business an identity and is virtual proof that it exists.

Don’t be misled into thinking a company page in Facebook is enough to build your credibility. Having a website means you have your own domain.

  1. Build Your Business.

With the growth of the Internet, the influence of social media and the popularity of mobile devices, the website has become a crucial tool to build your business, share Your Story and  get more clients.

  1. Enhance Your Online Presence.

If your business does not have a website, you will be undermining its ability to generate income. And not just any website; but a mobile responsive website, one that can be accessed by mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets.

A mobile responsive website will help you capitalize on the opportunities available on the Internet by helping you Improve Search Rankings, Distribute Content and Open 24/7

  1. Build a Strong Relationship with Your Market.

Loyalty is achieved when customers know they are dealing with a company that understands their needs and not just a company that wants to profit.

Let the Market Know “Who You Are, Address the Needs of Your Market, Educate the Market of Your Business and Improve Customer Service.

  1. Boost Your Reputation as an Authority.

If your business is in a competitive industry, a website will give you the forum to boost your reputation as an authority figure. Blogging, Podcast, Seminars etc

  1. Showcase Your Work.

A website will give you the venue to present samples of your work.

If you’re offering interior design services, content writing, professional web design services and other types of work that can be made visual, a portfolio page will encourage more clients to try you out especially if client testimonies are included.

  1. Professionalize Your Brand.

Many small business owners make the mistake of not working on their brand until they gain traction.

You have to start working on your brand before launching your business. The brand gives your business its identity and makes it easier for customers and clients to understand what it is all about.

The website is the most effective and efficient way to build and professionalize your brand:

A website is not an expense. It is an investment because you should expect a return on your money within a period of time.

For your investment to pay out, you have to make sure your website is professionally designed, fully functioning with fast download speed and packed with great content.

Do not penny- pinch and try to do a website on your own despite the availability of free templates. Your best option would always be to hire a professional web designer who has the experience and training to build a functional yet aesthetically beautiful website.

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