logo liye cakes by printhag tanimu liyesi


She chats me up…

She’s being an amazing friend and exceptional cake baker. Something tells me she can bake for Africa πŸ€“


I responded to her chat and the ‘brand talk’ started. As always?😊
2 days later,

We had rubbed minds together and agreed on the brand name for her baking outfit and other deliverables.

Deal sealed πŸ’― (In this case, alert don enter) 😁
Today’s the 3rd day!

Her designs are ready and she’s set to launch outπŸ•ΊπŸ½

I’m excited… for some obvious reasons. (Definitely not because I like cakes. But you know I do right?) 🀀
Introducing #LIYE_CAKES

logo liye cakes by printhag tanimu liyesi

I’ve tasted 2 cakes on this ad and truly, it’s sumptuous.

If you’re in Abuja, and you need a tasty and sumptuous cake on a cutely sized budget, you can contact Simon Liyesi on 08160194005.

Trust me, you’ll order again. And again!

Meanwhile, I love to craft amazing brand identities for businesses.

It’s my area of expertise and I love it.πŸ’ž

WhataApp/Call: 0703-012-7978 πŸ’¬ or email:

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